focus on: Akira Murata


Anna Massinissa:
I have followed this Artist for many years, as he is among the very top in my list. He has never disappointed my expectations and actually he has surprised me many times by two recurring aspects in his works. The first is his strong, defined self style: he is very linked to his millenary Japanese culture, but he also is modern and absolutely giving reason to Art as to be recognized by any culture of the world. The second aspect is about his positive attitude to life: the message I read in all his Art is about a world where beauty can be the element to improve our life, always.
In his International Watercolor Platform profile he presents himself by this text:
..."Why am I painting every day? It is to make the person who sees it happy"
and again he has surprised me on the power Art can give to the blessed hands of a very special Master.

Nadia Belardi:
I think Akira Murata is the artist of beauty, timeless beauty, beauty that lasts forever.

His subjects could come from the 19th century, but his works are beautiful now and will be in the future. I like Akira’s art because it is romantic and poetic — his roses are as I love them. 

I would like to be able to paint roses as he does!

His tender fallen petals move me as well as his reds that take my breath away.

His model is beautiful and clearly beloved. His glimpses of gardens and deserted languid books abandoned among the roses are so impressive that you can feel them in your soul. 

Nothing else around: the magic of his visions is enough. I would like to meet him.