By this place Anna Massinissa and Nadia Belardi, as curators in many waterccolor exhibitions, will start a focus on some TALENTED ARTIST  that they have been following and much appreciated. The selection is done from the MEMBERS of  INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR PLATFORM, in the aims to share the pleasure to give visibility to many different styles and cultures - to very famous Artist and o those who are less known. "The selection is done on a very personal opinion, a kind of game, we have started to do many years ago. We were individually following the artists by the socials, and were later discussing together about their subjcts, style and personal ability in the use of technique and Art skills. We found the observation and sharing very inspiring. We now want to share our selection with the Platform audience, believe us it is not easy to decide wich Artist to propose, because ... thank heaven, the TALENTED onece are very many! Tell us if you liked our choice...."                


NADIA BELARDI: I think that Pasqualino is a complete artist. He creates with same intensity from urban landscapes to portraits, from interior spaces to ordinary objects. He creates everything with great warmth. I feel his artworks are very engaging. His breakfast scene and his street in the historic centre belong to each viewer.  What about his portraits, then? They are really vivid, they are a wonderful display of colour splashes, and the whole soul of the subject comes out. Pasqualino paints the watercolour the way I like: soft and suffused, but very impressive also.  You look at his works and you wish to take a walk throughout those streets. You look at his works and you feel you are the main protagonist of the scena. I like his colours very much, his artworks are well balanced, his shadows are always beautiful colours. I feel very close to him and I really love his paintings!

focus on: Francesca Pracilio

  Nadia Belardi: She is an artist that I admire a lot because she can seize the essence of her subject. She seizes the moment of a gesture, of a look, of an attitude. The story told in her works deeply emerges from a lake of unique and transparent colour. Her strength is the transparency indeed. Her subjects are light and deep, too.  I like her flowers that look as if they are made of glass. I like her landscapes that are essential, almost abstract, but so evocative. I like the framing of her subjects. I like her palette of colours. I like the message of depth in her ephemeral colour. Really unique, really original, really skilled.

focus on: Akira Murata

  Anna Massinissa: I have followed this Artist for many years, as he is among the very top in my list. He has never disappointed my expectations and actually he has surprised me many times by two recurring aspects in his works. The first is his strong, defined self style: he is very linked to his millenary Japanese culture, but he also is modern and absolutely giving reason to Art as to be recognized by any culture of the world. The second aspect is about his positive attitude to life: the message I read in all his Art is about a world where beauty can be the element to improve our life, always. In his International Watercolor Platform profile he presents himself by this text: ..."Why am I painting every day? It is to make the person who sees it happy" and again he has surprised me on the power Art can give to the blessed hands of a very special Master. Nadia Belardi: I think Akira Murata is the artist of beauty, timeless beauty, beauty that lasts forever. His subjects could

focus on: Tan Suz Chiang

  Nadia Belardi: Tan Suz Chiang's artworks sometimes borders on abstract art, still he keeps the warmth colours from the best tradition in watercolor. I really like his choice of colors: he often uses monocrome declined to became a  support for the structures  of the image and to create an atmospheres that belongs to no time. He is an artist with great sensitivity, very modern and very strong both in emotion and in evocative meaning. Anna Massinissa: When I met Tan Suz Chiang in China some years ago, he was inspiration for a lot of very young students and actually I thought his style was very brave and it was exactly what the world needed to grow next jeneration of watercolorist. I am not surprised on how in the years he has developed to be more minimalist and very close to abstract: it is a developement done in coherence with his original style. He is now deeply involved in a painting that is less a visual art and more art in movement, like a dance. Now Tan has became even more th

focus on: Angela Barbi

together we agree that: Angela Barbi deserve more attention on her Art works Nadia Belardi:  Angela Barbi is a well-known figure in the international watercolor scene, she accompanies herself with the greatest masters of this art and in this way, by breathing their art mode, she has refined her own artistic soul and has became an extrovert free and explosive artist. Her works are life and color, motions of her eclectic soul, they are pleasant and lovable just like she is in person And also she is able to sing .... Anna Massinissa: I met Angela many years ago, sharing Art and travelling the roads of the world is something that both of us loved and needed like breathing. In recent time we travelled again together in amazing joy. Other than a great organizer and close friend to most of the world watercolorist, I discovered that Angela is also an interesting Artist - I feel that no barrier of any kind can give Angela a stop to grow a personal relation to Art. I agree with Nadia about soul

focus on: André Kaname Kano

Together we agree that: although Kaname never contextualizes his characters by his high ability in expression, he is able to make the audience to perceive the whole scene even the noise ... Anna Mssinissa: I don't know him in person, but so long I have observed his job, now I try to sentitize in 5 points why I like this Artist. He surprise me every time because he is: 1. Essential 2. Meaningfull 3. Very high technique but technique is not enough for him 4. Not enough for him is to be still inside one style, but his self style is alwsys present  5. He is an Artist, but he is also a lot more  Nadia Belardi: - Kaname Kano is the artist of immediacy, his figures are captured in everyday gestures and in spontaneous and natural postures often in motion without context and only light as a background - His horses are mighty and his dogs and other animals are as alive as ever. Its landscapes are simple sunny farmhouses, romantic countryside objects - He is an artist of rare beauty in his si